Goatwhore - The Eclipse of Ages Into Black


Goatwhore’s debut album “The Eclipse of Ages into Black” pulls inspiration from Scandanavian black metal while building on the band's foundations with sludge and death metal. The band creates memorable heavy guitar riffs uncharacteristically typical of black metal while staying true to black metal shrieks and occult lyrics. Goatwhore’s guitarist Sammy Duet helped start the band following the end of sludge metal band Acid Bath.



Nothing like a little throttling black metal to bring you out of a bad mood. From the ashes of Acid Bath emerges the satanic NOLA black metal band, Goatwhore. Featuring Soilent Green frontman Ben Falgoust, Goatwhore’s brand of black metal captures swamp gothic rather than Norweigen dirge. It infuses elements of death metal, sludge and thrash to create a uniquely New Orleans take on Black Metal while maintaining the lyrical and aesthetic similarities.



  1. Nocturnal Holocaust
  2. Lair of Nastrond
  3. Desolate Path to Apocalyptic Ruin
  4. The Beauty in Suffering
  5. As the Reflection Slowly Fades
  6. All the Sins
  7. Satans' Millennium
  8. Upon This Deathbed of Cold Fire
  9. Gravedom
  10. Invert the Virgin
  11. Perversions of the Ancient Goat
  12. Into a Darker Sun
  13. Under a Dark God
  14. Commanding the Legions of Hell
  15. Graveyards and Dead Angels
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