Dropkick Murphy's - Irish Rover T-Shirt

This officially licensed Dropkick Murphy's t-shirt is made from 100% cotton.
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"The Irish Rover" tells the harrowing tale of a ship's crew that slowly dwindles in numbers from storm and sickness, until at the end of the story a single soul remains. Like most folklore and storytelling, the origins of the song remain foggy- with its first recording in the mid-1940s, but with mentions in documents and interviews from as early as the 1880s. The Dropkick Murphy's gave the song a new life on their 2011 album "Going Out in Style."


The Dropkick Murphy's are an American-based, Celtic-punk band formed in 1996. Drawing heavily on their own Irish and Scottish ancestral influences, they wove together influences of riotous punk rock with traditional sea shanties and pub music to create a distinct sound that fans around the world have adored. As to be expected with a Celtic-punk band, the Dropkick Murphy's are known for their rowdy and energetic shows that have ended more than once with both blood and beer having been spilled. 

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