Denzel Curry - Imperial


Starting as a local legend in south Florida, Denzel Curry would bring his music to the mainstream with the help of other independent artists. Not taking a cent from major labels, sponsorships or cosign, he would be fiercely independent to maintain the integrity of his music and political messaging on his debut, “Imperial.” His aggressive style, complemented by his sense of melody and storytelling, makes his music seem urgent and real. Like his first-person analysis of crime in “Sick and Tired,” Curry raps like classic greats because he’s seen the characters he writes about.




  1. Ult
  2. Gook
  3. Sick & Tired
  4. Knotty Head (Feat. Rick Ross)
  5. Me Now
  6. Story: No Title
  7. This Life
  8. Zenith
  9. Good Night (Feat. Nell)
  10. If Tomorrow's Not Here (Feat. Twelve'len)


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Barcode: 888072021846