Death Cap Poster 24" x 36"

Vertical Poster, 24" x 36"

The Death Cap Mushroom, Amanita phalloides, epitomizes nature's deadly deception. Native to Europe, these fungi resemble edible mushrooms, lethal toxins, earning them ominous aliases like "Death Cap", "Destroying Angel", and "Stinking Amanita." Responsible for most mushroom-related deaths worldwide, consuming even a fraction of a cap can prove fatal to adults. 


Despite their deadly nature, survivors recount the Death Cap's delicious taste, a cruel irony that adds to their allure. This paradox beckons curiosity but demands caution, as indulging in their tempting flavor risks dire consequences.


This poster delves into the enigmatic allure of the Death Cap Mushroom, urging vigilance against its deceptive beauty. Proceed with caution, for beneath its innocent facade lies a perilous journey in the heart of eternal night. 


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Barcode: 000000550918