Medicali 40mm Small Blue Grinder 1 5/8"

This grinder is made in the USA out of medical-grade anodized aluminum.

Medicali uses medical-grade anodized aluminum. Their innovative tooth design ensures that no metal shreds will get into your material, no matter how worn down it gets. They use a unique threading pattern and magnet system that makes sure the grinder stays together at all times. No more accidental messes in your pocket! Medicali is a high-quality product and made in the USA.


Medicali is a well known and loved premium glass company based in Gardena, CA. They are experts at creating durable and affordable products in convenient sizes. Medicali’s pieces are set at incredible prices, allowing people with different budgets to experience their magic without breaking the bank. Unlike other companies, Medicali’s line is made entirely in the United States from high-quality materials by trained professionals. They manufacture a wide variety of products including grinders, ash catchers, water pipes, and so much more to satisfy all your smoking needs! 

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