Brand New - The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me


Brand New is an alternative rock band from Long Island, New York that was started in 2000. This album features an intense story that draws you in and inspires self-reflection. Already celebrated for their meaningful lyrics and artistic statements with their music this album secured their place in history with awards including a spot in Rolling Stone's Top Emo Albums of All Time, #30 on Billboard's Alternative Songs chart, and many more.



  1. Sowing Season
  2. Millstone
  3. Jesus
  4. Degausser
  5. Limousine (MS Rebridge)
  6. You Won't Know
  7. Welcome to Bangkok
  8. Not The Sun
  9. Luca
  10. Untitled
  11. The Archers Bows Have Broken
  12. Handcuffs
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Barcode: 600753423264