Things to Know About E-Juice

Things to Know About E-Juice

Let’s discuss e-liquid expiration dates, cloud chasers, and skin absorption.

E-juice is a potent delivery system for CBD, nicotine, even the sugary taste of your favorite breakfast cereal. Inquiring minds want to know whether what we hear is really so. Will the wrong flavor make your lungs crumble like a worn-out sponge? Can e-juice go bad? Is there really a competitive sport involving e-juice?

Does e-liquid expire?

All physical things are subject to the ravages of time, and e-juice is no exception. But it does last quite a while. E-juice typically expires after one or two years, at which point the nicotine may have oxidized and the flavor may have weakened. You may also notice some separation, color changes, or crystal formation in the liquid. It probably won't kill you to vape it, but it probably won't be a very pleasant experience either. Time to toss it and buy some fresh e-juice.

Chase clouds for fun and profit.

Cloud chasing isn't just a cool, creative thing to do with vapor you're going to exhale anyway. It's also a bona fide sport with its own competitors (cloud chasers), events, and cash prizes. Maybe all you'll win is bragging rights at the Vaping Olympics, maybe you'll win a cash prize. Either way, you get to be inspired by exhalatory puffs worthy of dragons. This sport -- and it's definitely a sport, this is a sport, it is -- is what you make of it.

E-juice doesn't leave a lingering smell or significant amounts of nicotine.

There's no carbon monoxide or tar in e-juice, so it's much less risky than secondhand smoke to other persons in the room. According to a 2016 study published in the journal Addiction, 94% of the nicotine in e-juice is retained by the user.

What happens if you get e-juice on your skin?

Just wash it off with soap and water. It's possible to absorb nicotine through your skin. But even the highest concentrations of nicotine in commercial e-juice are unlikely to harm you. You're also unlikely to accidentally drink enough e-juice to poison yourself. But if you find out that a child has drunk e-juice, don't second-guess and don't delay. Immediately call Poison Control Centers at 1-800-222-1222.

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