Spotlight on CBD Company Southern CBD

Spotlight on CBD Company Southern CBD

New Orleans-Based Company Delivers Consistent Quality Across Its Topicals and Tinctures

You may have seen Southern CBD products at Mushroom New Orleans, but did you know the New Orleans-based company was started in 2016 by a college student on the hunt for a safe, effective study aid? Or that its patented serum formula boasts higher CBD bioavailability than any other topical on the market?

We got the opportunity to interview owner John Liautaud, who filled us in on these facts, plus a whole lot more! "As much as we want you to try our CBD, we want you to know our CBD," Liautaud said. "We are devoted to keeping not only the highest level of purity, but also a strict high level of consistency throughout all the products we create."

Keep reading to learn more about this local CBD brand making waves in the CBD industry.

Your hemp is sourced from nutrient-rich farms, and the cannabinoid extracts are then mixed into organic coconut oil. What are some of your most popular products?

Our most popular items include our topical serum and sublingual tinctures. Our serum is a patented formula that allows hydrophilic and hydrophobic interactions to occur, resulting in the highest bioavailability out of any other topical on the market. Customers swear by this product, saying it gives them a much better quality of life.

For our sublingual tinctures, we use a broad-spectrum distillate, organic MCT oil, and edible terpenes to create the smoothest, most effective sublingual tincture on the market.

Southern CBD stands out because your company reintroduces beneficial and flavorful terpenes back into the product, which can potentially create a more positive therapeutic effect than CBD alone. What do you believe to be the most beneficial aspect of CBD?

CBD provides me with a full, uninterrupted night's rest, night after night. I haven't found any other organic compound that provides as much relief as CBD has.

Whenever I have joint pain from labor-intensive day-to-day activities, our CBD serum provides the comfort I’m looking for. I just rub a couple of pumps on the affected area, and 20 minutes later, boom! I'm able to get back to my busy days. I'm also a huge advocate for its stress-relieving properties.

What lies ahead for Southern CBD?

Our plans include opening our own organic hemp farm, where we can produce everything from seed to sale. This will allow our customers to trust every process involved with creating our retail CBD products. This will also provide Southern CBD with the highest level of quality control. … We'll be able to produce all aspects of CBD product manufacturing in controlled, in-house environments. We are undergoing constant research and keeping in touch with industry advancements to push not only our product, but this industry as a whole, to new levels.

To learn more about Southern CBD and the hemp-derived CBD products we carry at Mushroom New Orleans, check out our Smoke Shop's Guide to CBD, or come by any day before midnight and we’ll be glad to answer any questions and guide you to an appropriate form of CBD based on your needs. It’s worth the trip!

CBD products are only available in-store and are not available for online purchase.


Bioavailability: The proportion of the active ingredient that is able to penetrate the skin.

MCT oil: Medium-chain triglycerides are a type of fat found in coconut oil, palm kernel oil and dairy products. They are readily absorbed by the GI tract and metabolized quickly by the liver.

Sublingual tincture: A product that is applied under the tongue and allowed to absorb into the moist membranes there for a minute or longer.

Terpenes: Aromatic organic compounds in plants that evolved with strong smells, often effective in deterring herbivores.

Topical serum: A liquid applied to the skin.

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