Product Spotlight: Puffco Indiglow

Product Spotlight: Puffco Indiglow

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Since 2013, Puffco has set the standard for concentrate vaporizers. Puffco products contain no chemicals, glues, or fibers in the airways, allowing flavorful and effective vaping experiences. And there's no steep learning curve, not even for beginners.

Puffco Peak Pro Vaporizer Indiglow Limited Edition

Every detail of the Puffco Peak Pro Vaporizer Indiglow Limited Edition is carefully crafted to set a new standard in portable concentrate technology. Its simple controls and app-based customizability are ideal for both beginners and veterans.

Features of the Peak Pro

  • Four temperature presets ranging from 490°F to 545°F.
  • Ready for action within 30 seconds -- no matter what temperature you choose.
  • An internal sensor that communicates with the base to ensure that the temperature remains constant throughout your session.
  • A USB-C charger that can fully charge the Peak Pro in about two hours.
  • Great battery life. A full charge lasts about 30 sessions.
  • A power dock that can charge the Peak Pro wirelessly.
  • A hand-blown borosilicate glass attachment with a minimalist perc design to provide the best possible hit.
  • Water capacity double that of the original Puffco Peak Vaporizer to provide the best possible hit.

Smartphone App

Control the vaporizer from your smartphone and customize your experience. Use a free app to set up heating profiles and LED patterns. Edit the presets or create new ones to choose any temperature from 450°F to 620°F. Set the duration from 15 seconds to two minutes. A Ready Mode setting automatically activates the Peak Pro when you remove it from the charging dock.

The app also displays useful information about battery level, bowl temperature, heat setting, daily usage, and total usage. You can also pair the vaporizer with your Bluetooth.

Tips for Vaping With the Puffco Peak Pro Indiglow Vaporizer

To extend the life of the Peak Pro and enhance your vaping experience:

  • Make sure to fully charge the Peak Pro before your first session.
  • Gently clean the chamber with a cotton swab after each use.
  • Start with the lowest heat setting to get a good balance of clouds and flavor.
  • To prevent waste and damage to the Peak Pro, use only small amounts of concentrate.
  • Use the included carrying case to protect the device when you are traveling or are storing it.
  • To charge the Peak Pro as quickly as possible, use the included charger and cable, and plug the charger directly into an outlet. Don't use third-party chargers and power strips.

Puffco Hot Knife Indiglow

A cool companion to the Peak Pro Vaporizer is the Puffco Hot Knife Indiglow, an electronic heated dab tool that makes it easy to scoop even the trickiest concentrates by gently heating them so you can get exactly the amount you want.

The Hot Knife also makes loading easier. If you hold the button for about three seconds, even the most stubborn concentrates will drop right off. To clean the Puffco Hot Knife, press the button to warm the tip and gently wipe it with a cotton swab. Store the Hot Knife with the cap on when you are not using it. The Hot Knife comes with its own USB-C charging cable.

Puffco Peak Pro Power Dock Indiglow

The Puffco Peak Pro Power Dock Indiglow keeps your vaporizer fully charged and ready for action at all times, and it does so wirelessly. The Power Dock also serves as a sturdy base to protect and display your Peak Pro when you are not using it. You can even use the dock as a portable power bank to charge other USB devices.

Through the app, the Power Dock enables you to use Ready Mode. Ready Mode means that when you remove the Peak Pro from the Power Dock, the Pro instantly begins heating to your favorite temperature. You don't have to push a single button.

The Power Dock takes three hours to fully charge via USB-C. The Power Dock can then charge your Peak Pro twice if the Pro is wired to the dock using the proprietary cable, once if the Pro is connected wirelessly.

Stop by our New Orleans smoke shop daily between 10 a.m. and midnight to check out Puffco Indiglow products and other vaping essentials. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our products and how to use them. You can also contact us for information before placing an order online.

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