Why We Love Baton Vapor Nic Salts

Why We Love Baton Vapor Nic Salts

The Company Was Founded to Help Smokers Quit

The fat, flavorful white clouds. The delicious flavors. The fact that it's a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco. The community of vapers! There's definitely a lot to love about vaping, and we can -- and do! -- rhapsodize about all these aspects right here on this blog. But today we'd like to sing the praises of an under-appreciated vaping essential: nic salts (nicotine salts)! Specifically, Baton Vapor Nic Salts.

If you haven't sampled the delicious wares from this Seattle-based e-liquid innovator, then wow, you have a pleasant surprise in store. Here are just a few reasons why we're smitten with Baton Vapor Nic Salts ... and why we think you will be, too.

This is a company that cares.

Co-founder and CEO Thomas Vo launched his company to help his dad quit smoking. "If I was able to help an old stubborn man quit smoking, I'm confident I can help others quit as well. That is what I want to devote my life to, and that is what I will keep on working toward. I want to work toward a smoke-free world," Vo said on the company's website. That caring, responsible ethos pervades everything the company does, and it does a lot of things right. For example …

Baton offers 10ml bottles.

Ever want to sample a new e-juice flavor without breaking the bank? We've all been there ... and we've all dropped cash on a standard-size bottle that just didn't tickle our taste buds. Baton Vapor offers affordable 10mL bottles in a range of flavors, including iced watermelon limeade, island mango, and vanilla wafer.

Baton is conscientious about its marketing.

Baton doesn't advertise on social media, feature cutesy cartoon characters, or use any of the other questionable outreach strategies that appeal to children. Its whole reason for being is to support adults on their journey to quitting smoking. From the child-proof bottles to the age verification website, Baton makes it clear that it's a responsible vape company.

Baton bottles offer a great value.

Most users report getting 10 refills with a 10 mL bottle, which costs $9.99 at Mushroom New Orleans. That means that even if you're short on cash, you'll be vaping for a while. Overall, they're a great value. Plus, at 2.5 percent or 5 percent nicotine strengths, these e-juices are sure to satisfy your cravings. The throat hit can't be beat, either. It's truly pleasurable to pull on a Baton vape.

Baton offers e-juice on the go, at New Orleans' Oldest Smoke Shop

Heading out for a summer road trip? Baton's easy-to-use pod system is refillable and practical when you're on the go. With close to 1,000 retailers offering Baton products nationwide, you'll never be far from a delicious fix. Also, you can refill Baton vapes with non-Baton nicotine salts (although Baton doesn't recommend this).

Interested in giving Baton Vapor Nic Salts a try? Come by The Mushroom from 10 a.m. to midnight any day. We think you'll be glad you took the trip!

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