Must-Have Drinking Accessories You'll Only Find at The Mushroom

Must-Have Drinking Accessories You'll Only Find at The Mushroom

Celebrate a robust New Orleans drinking culture with these chalices, bottle openers, and more.

New Orleans has a great drinking culture, yes. Everyone knows about the cocktail culture, the 24/7 bars, the surprisingly potent hurricanes, and hand grenades—but have you considered whether you’re reflecting that rich culture with your glassware? Celebrate drinking culture (and add stylish conversation pieces) to your domicile with these must-have drinking accessories. Whether you’re swigging iced tea or sipping wine, a chalice makes every beverage more awesome. Here are a few of our favorite pieces.

Mother and Crone Chalice

Have you ever wished that you could drink out of a cup that visually projects the experience of being lost in an ancient stone labyrinth? Need a vessel with a grand appearance to complement your viewing of “House of the Dragon”? Or maybe you want to give your mom a thoughtful, if dark, gift. Look no further than this Mother and Crown Chalice, a polyresin masterpiece studded with sparkling faux gems. Plus, you can take the removable steel cup out and throw it in the dishwasher.

Ping Pong Ball

We’re not saying every drinking occasion has to involve beer pong, but if you have these evenly weighted, consistently bouncing ping pong balls on hand, a fun and challenging game is far more likely to erupt than if you don’t. They’re also good cat toys, and at only a buck each, you really can’t afford not to have a few of these at your disposal.

Tourmaline Gemstone Cube Bottle Stopper

Right now, New Orleans is once again the nation’s murder capital–but nobody’s talking about how this logically makes New Orleans the world’s haunted house capital. Do you think all these souls are happy about getting mown down? Probably not, and they probably want to haunt your living room—and possibly your beverages—in order to reap spiritual retribution. Fight them with the power of tourmaline, a powerful antidote to negative energy that serves as a healing bridge to the spiritual world. This bottle stopper also makes an excellent hostess gift.

White Zombie Bottle Opener

House keys? Check. Car key? Check. Bottle opener? That had better be a check. Bottle openers aren’t luxuries, they’re essentials in a town where open-carry is legal (but remember to pour your beverage out of a glass bottle and into a go-cup -- or go-chalice --once you’ve opened it). It doesn’t really matter which kind of bottle opener you keep on hand; just about any will make you the life of the party in a pinch. But we’re partial to this stainless-steel White Zombie version. It marries durability, functionality, and an homage to Rob Zombie, a fine songwriter, singer, actor, and director who is truly the Da Vinci of our time. Plus, former White Zombie bassist Sean Yseult is a New Orleanian who designs wallpaper now, putting the goth in southern Gothic. So even if you’re not the biggest White Zombie fan, you need this bottle opener, for hometown pride reasons.

What do you think of these drinking accessories? Are you sold on one or all of them? We do have a few less spooky options, too. Come by and check them out any day from 10 a.m. to midnight. We’ll be here and ready to raise a glass (of something non-alcoholic. We are at work, after all.) See you soon!

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