Help Your Body Absorb CBD More Efficiently

Help Your Body Absorb CBD More Efficiently

Take It Under Your Tongue or With Fatty Foods

Which method of consuming CBD is best depends on what you want it to affect (a specific body part, which would require topical application, or your body as a whole), what you want it for, and how quickly you want it to take effect. Taking CBD under the tongue or with high-fat foods improves bioavailability, i.e., the degree and rate of absorption of a substance into your body.

Sublingual Delivery

Placing CBD oil or CBD isolate under your tongue enables it to bypass the liver and enter instead through the capillaries and sublingual artery under your tongue. In this way, the CBD enters your bloodstream more quickly. Edibles like gummies or capsules must first pass through the stomach and liver, taking up to two hours to be absorbed. Moreover, when the stomach-and-liver route is followed, the enzymes of the digestive system tend to reduce the concentration of CBD before it can exert its effects.


To optimize absorption when taking CBD sublingually, hold it under your tongue for 60 to 90 seconds and avoid eating, drinking, or smoking anything just before and just after you do so.

Taking CBD With High-Fat Foods

Enhancing absorption can maximize the effectiveness of CBD. When CBD is ingested, it takes longer to have an effect, and the effect is partial given the extent to which CBD is broken down -- catabolized -- by the liver and digestive tract.

According to one study, taking CBD with food that contains fatty acids enables it to avoid some of that catabolism, increasing absorption into the body and preserving its potency. The researchers concluded that "when compared to fasting, taking CBD with food increased the amount of CBD in the body by four times and the maximum amount recorded in the participants' blood by 14 times."

Foods high in fatty acids act as strong binding agents for CBD and are converted into energy by the liver. This leads to a higher concentration of CBD. Examples of high-fat foods include meat, avocados, nuts, dark chocolate, cheese, and eggs; oils like coconut oil, olive oil, soybean oil, and sesame oil; and fish like salmon, trout, mackerel, sardines, and herring.

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