Giving Up on Your New Year's Resolution? There's a Soundtrack for That!

Giving Up on Your New Year's Resolution? There's a Soundtrack for That!

Mushroom’s Top Selections for a Motivational Playlist


First, the bad news: If you made a resolution for the new year, odds are that you've already broken it. According to U.S. News & World Report, 80 percent of new year's resolutions fail by February. (So if you've reneged on your self-improvement plan, you're far from alone!) 


The good news? There's scientific evidence that music can improve your motivation by acting on your brain waves, sympathetic nervous system, mood, and more. Here are our top suggestions for a motivational playlist.


"Don't Stop Believing," Journey


Got a big goal -- one that scares you? You need Journey in your life. From "Any Way You Want It" to "Be Good To Yourself," almost every Journey track is upbeat and uplifting. But "Don't Stop Believing" just might be the band's most inspiring power ballad. Between the poetic lyrics about small-town boys and girls making good and Steve Perry's soaring vocals, it's almost impossible not to get pumped up when you bump this jam. If that doesn't do the trick, watch the documentary of the same name, which chronicles the unbelievable rags-to-riches story of Arnel Pineda, Journey's current frontman.


"Hall of Fame," The Script


The first step to accomplishing your goals can be as simple as believing you can do it. The Script understands this well, explaining that you can do anything you put your mind to, no matter how daunting the task may be. They don't pretend there won't be any setbacks and acknowledge that at times they may seem insurmountable, but in the end, you will rise victorious. Scientific studies support that self-affirmation can encourage real success, and countless people who have made the practice a part of their daily life agree. Whenever you're thinking of giving up listen to this song and remember, YOU CAN DO IT!


"Longview," Green Day


Sometimes you're not in the mood for pep -- especially when you're frustrated by your lack of progress. In that case, misery can be the best company. Commiserate with a young Billie Joe Armstrong, who brays in the pop-punk anthem: "Peel me off this Velcro seat and get me moving/I sure as hell can't do it by myself." This hit from Green Day's seminal 1994 album, Dookie, put the band on the national radar. Who knows, it might just propel you off the couch.


"Never Give Up," Sia


Sia, the incredible talent behind this powerful, relatable melody, defied the odds by achieving mainstream success at the advanced (by music industry standards) age of 39. Today, she's one of the most talented singers, songwriters, music video directors, and music producers out there. This positive, uplifting song was featured in the movie Lion and dubbed an "inspirational anthem" by Rolling Stone -- listen to it when you have to dig deep to find an inner strength you may not know you have.


"Eye of the Tiger," Survivor


This song is all about getting back up no matter how many times you've been knocked down, and let's face it, 2020 knocked us all down constantly. Every time we listen to this track it inspires us to keep trying even if we're having trouble. When it seems like nothing is going right, you just can't get a win, or any time you're feeling defeated, use this song as inspiration to keep fighting and power through. We won't sugarcoat it and tell you everything will get better tomorrow, but if we stick together and keep trying we can recover and be even stronger than before.


"Rehab," Amy Winehouse


Oh, Amy... We lost you too soon. This autobiographical masterpiece from Winehouse's final studio album, Back to Black, plumbs the depths of her battle with substance abuse and alcoholism. If you can relate to the struggle, this song might make you feel less alone. It's also a sobering (no pun intended) reminder that sometimes, if you don't accept help when it's offered, you might not get another opportunity. Whether you want to wallow in your feelings or ignite your own self-improvement efforts, this song can't be beat.


"Don't Give Up," Peter Gabriel


This emotional track from Gabriel's fifth studio album features a simple, emphatic refrain: Don't give up. It's also a beautiful collaboration with the dulcimer-voiced Kate Bush. There's no telling how many lives it has saved. If you're feeling overwhelmed, put this song on repeat and "rest your head... It's going to be all right."

We hope these songs help inspire you to take action -- whether that means getting back on the wagon or enthusiastically embracing a new no-resolution status. Music can be anything you want it to be, and that's just one reason why we love it. Stop by New Orleans’ longest-operating independent record shop anytime to check out our selection of music -- LPs, EPs, CDs, and tapes, or contact us to share your thoughts on the music that motivates and moves you.



2020 was an incredibly difficult year and we know many people have experienced significant emotional impacts. Incredible bravery and strength are needed to ask for help, if you or someone you know are struggling support is available. You can call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, chat with them, or find other resources. IF SOMEONE IS IN IMMEDIATE DANGER, PLEASE CALL 911 NOW!

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