4/20 Celebration and Birthday Savings at The Mushroom

4/20 Celebration and Birthday Savings at The Mushroom

Even More Reasons to Revel in Springtime in New Orleans

Cheddar cheese fries. The Chinese language. Volunteerism. What do all these things have in common? They're all celebrated on April 20 ... and so are a lot of other things that may or may not merit their own day of observance. (Lima beans, we're looking at you.) Of course, if you're part of New Orleans smoke shop culture, 4/20 has a different meaning for you.

It's also the day Mushroom New Orleans celebrates its birthday!

Can you believe we're turning 52 this year? Yep, we're New Orleans' longest-running record store and smoke shop, and although we're officially a quinquagenarian, we'll always be a flower child at heart. If you can relate, consider stopping by for our annual 4/20 and birthday sale. It's always a memorable event marked with drastic, once-a-year price cuts. Keep reading to find out more!

The Origins of 4/20

Why is April 20 such a big day for smoking enthusiasts? It's because 4:20 is the time of the day when they traditionally stop to take a draw, or dab, or puff, and April 20 is the representation of that digit on the Gregorian calendar.

If you're wondering why 4:20 is the celebrated time to smoke, well ... nobody is really sure, which is pretty consistent with the laid-back, if hazy, nature of smoking culture. Regardless, if 5 p.m. is said to be the appropriate time for drinking booze, 4:20 p.m. seems as good a time as any to take a smoke break.

Plus, here in New Orleans, 4/20 coincides with crawfish season, oyster season, and (during non-pandemic years), a spring festival season that includes celebrations large (the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival) and small (Pontchatoula's Strawberry Festival).

Put on some tie-dye, turn up the Peter Tosh (we recommend "Legalize It") and have friends over for a rousing game of hacky sack.

The Origins of Mushroom New Orleans

This is a lot easier to trace! In 1969, four Tulane students launched the Student Liberation Front to protest overpriced textbooks. They set up shop right off campus, launching what would become The Mushroom, and they exchanged alt-weeklies, records, and subversive literature. We've been in our current perch at 1037 Broadway since 1972! Although we've morphed into a hybrid smoke, gift, and record shop, we will always stay true to our counter-cultural origins.

How We're Celebrating

With deals on almost everything! All new records and CDs are discounted $4.20. Plus, everything in the store (except for tobacco products and a few other exceptions) is 20 - 42% off. We know it's traditional to get gifts, not give them, on your birthday, but we like to share the love by making our smokeware, incense, CBD and vape products, posters, etc., even more accessible.

You don't have to wait until 4/20 to come celebrate with us. We're here for you every day from 10 a.m. to midnight. Take the trip that's been enchanting New Orleanians since 1969!

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