2020 Record Store Day Update

2020 Record Store Day Update

Expect Three Saturdays of Special-Edition Records and Parties in The Fall

First, the bad news: Record Store Day didn’t exactly go off as planned in April. For the first time since it started in 2007, the large-scale celebration of vinyl records didn’t happen. Because it takes place in record stores worldwide and entails concerts, promotions, and giveaways, Record Store Day wasn’t the best event for a socially distanced world in the grips of a pandemic.

But wait, there’s good news! Instead of one day of special-edition records and parties, Record Store Day will span three Saturdays: Aug. 29, Sept. 26 and Oct. 24. After all, we need independent artists and record labels now more than ever — and they need our support. Keep reading to learn more about this brand-new take on an established favorite.

The Significance of Record Store Day

Locals know that New Orleans record shops aren’t just places to buy music. They’re sources of community, and they provide support to both listeners (because music is therapeutic) and musicians (because record sales help support indie groups) themselves. This support is especially crucial now, when the economy is tanking, and a lot of people are struggling to stay positive.

This year, Record Store Day has the important mission of helping small businesses stay afloat during a very challenging time. Record Store Day is one of the busiest days of the year here at Mushroom New Orleans, and the same is true for many of our fellow brick-and-mortar music shops across the country.

A Special Time for a Special Record Haul

More than that, Record Store Day offers audiophiles and vinyl aficionados the chance to snag limited-edition records that spans all genres and isn’t available at any other time. Normally, those special releases are available in record shops only on Record Store Day, but this year, August, September, and October will bring three consecutive drops of limited-edition music, with a different bundle of releases arriving each day.

According to a news release, the purpose of the drops is “bringing revenue to the stores, as well as to the artists, labels, distribution, and every other business behind the scenes making record stores work.” By spreading the drops out over three months, one can also hope that public health could improve and business restrictions could ease, making it possible for more record shops to participate. The organizers are still figuring out which special releases will come out each date (they’ll publish that info to their website on June 1), but they already know that some amazing titles are on the Record Store Day 2020 Official List. From A (Allman Brothers) to Z (Frank Zappa), there’s a limited-run LP for everyone.

What the Future Holds

We know, you’re probably just as tired of hearing people talk about “these uncertain times” as we are. But right now, Record Store Day still plans to hold its big Black Friday sale Nov. 27. So cross your fingers — and wear your masks! And don’t forget that no matter what the future holds, Mushroom New Orleans is still here and still slinging music and smokeware.

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