Black Sabbath - Bloody Sabbath T-Shirt

This officially licensed Black Sabbath t-shirt is made from 100% cotton.
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The album Sabbath Bloody Sabbath was released in 1973 and had a double-sided cover. The front of the cover represents an evil man dying on his deathbed. There are distorted figures bending over him and gloating as he lies there, but the figures are actually him at different stages of his life. When you flip the album over, the person on his deathbed has been really good to people. He's got beautiful people crying over him as he's dying. At the bottom of the bed, he has two tame lions guarding him. It really represents the ending of life and the duality that lies within that moment.



Black Sabbath is the infamous band that is credited with creating the genre of heavy metal in the late 1960s' They were most known for their gothic themes, horror-inspired lyrics, and down-tuned guitars. The lead singer of the first couple of albums was Ozzy Osbourne, but after excessive substance abuse, he was replaced by Dio. They toured the world for over 45 years and are still a well-known and loved band today. 

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