Bhagavan - Incense 10 Sticks

Prabhuji's Gifts
Handmade in India.

This Prabhuji incense blend combines woody patchouli with the earthy-smoky vetiver to create a deep and soothing fragrance that opens the heart. To some Hindus, the word Bhagavan is an abstract, genderless concept of God. 


All ingredients are blended together into a paste and hand rolled onto a thin bamboo stick, according to ancient traditional practice. Always made in a sustainable manner by artisans in India’s cottage country, it also provides employment to the local rural villagers. An auditor ensures there is never child labor, and all packages are made from 100% recycled paper. When you buy from Prabhuji’s Gifts, not only do you support their New York-based, nonprofit religious organization that is home to a spiritual community but also their multiple humanitarian projects including the Prabhuji Food Rescue and Prabhuji Food Distribution Programs, which helps feed people in need in the USA. 

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