Beastie Boys - Paul's Boutique (20th Anniversary)


Following the massive success of "License to Ill", most music critics had written the group off as one-hit wonders. The Beasties wanted to make an album with more creative depth and less commercial material. Paul's Boutique was produced by the Dust Brothers, who originally created the backing tracks intending to release an instrumental album, but were persuaded by the Beastie Boys to use them as the basis of Paul's Boutique. The Dust Brothers' extensive use of sampling created a dense, rich background for the Beasties to rap over. Although the album didn't sell as well as "License to Ill", it was praised by critics and is considered one of the greatest hip-hop albums of all time.




  1. To All the Girls
  2. Shake Your Rump
  3. Johnny Ryall
  4. Egg Man
  5. High Plains Drifter
  6. The Sounds of Science
  7. 3-Minute Rule
  8. Hey Ladies
  9. 5-Piece Chicken Dinner
  10. Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun
  11. Car Thief
  12. What Comes Around
  13. Shadrach
  14. Ask for Janice
  15. 59 Chrystie Street
  16. Get on the Mic
  17. Stop That Train
  18. A Year and a Day
  19. Hello Brooklyn
  20. Dropping Names
  21. Lay It on Me
  22. Mike on the Mic
  23. A.W.O.L
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