Audio-Technica Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Turntable AT-LP60 Silver


This record player provides incredible value to anyone looking to listen to 33 1/3 and 45 RPM vinyl. Its built in phono preamp means that you can plug this turntable directly into powered speakers, home stereos, or many other components that lack a dedicated turntable input. Automation is one of the most useful features that differentiates the LP-60 from its competition, the start button will automatically position and lower the arm, while the stop button will reset the arm and stop the record from spinning. When you reach the end of that side of the record, the LP-60 will even automatically reset the arm and stop spinning the record so you can flip it over and continue listening at your convenience!



  • LP-60 Turntable
  • 2 Output Adapter Cables
  • 45 RPM Adapter
  • Removable Hinged Dust Cover
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Barcode: 042005159499