Arson Anthem - Insecurity Notoriety


Arson Anthem is the New Orleans all-star band composed of the local scene's most famous metalheads and punks. On vocals is EYEHATEGOD’s Mike IX Williams, guitars Phil Anselmo (vocalist of Pantera and Down) and Hank Williams III (Assjack). After Hurricane Katrina, Williams moved into Anselmo’s apartment where they spent time listening to hardcore albums, inspiring the two to start a band. They would record a few small projects but their studio debut and only album was “Insecurity Notoriety.”



  1. Naught
  2. Foul Pride
  3. Isolation Militia
  4. More Than One War
  5. Insecurity Notoriety
  6. Pretty Like That
  7. Initial Prick
  8. Crippled Life
  9. Polite Society Blacklist
  10. If You Heard This You Would Hit Me
  11. Hands Off Approach
  12. Has Been/Had Been
  13. Primate Envy
  14. Death of An Idiot
  15. Co-Dependent and Busted
  16. Kleptomania
  17. Teach the Gun (To Love the Bullet)
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