Agate Geode Tea Light Candle Holder Pink

Each Candle holder has a unique mineral formation. None of the agate candle holders are identical. Tea light candle not included.

gate geodes are beautiful, naturally occurring mineral formations. It is amazing that such beautiful compositions of minerals can be yielded through the power of lava.



That's right. Agate geodes are produced when gas bubbles become trapped in solidifying lava. How cool is that? We would say, very cool. 



Agate is probably the most common variety of chalcedony. Chalcedony is a cryptocrystalline composition of silica. It is comprised of extremely fine. intergrowth of quartz and moganite. 



Agate stone is believed to convert negative energy into positive. It is also thought to enhance and stimulate mental function. Some believe it helps improve concentration, amplifies perception, and sharpens analytic abilities. 






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