8.75" Helix Beaker Base Water Pipe

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The Helix vortex-style smoke filtration chamber, originally designed by Stephen Peirce, has been manufactured by GRAV for over a decade. They have long been fixtures on The Mushroom's store shelves. Grav's original product offerings were the Gravitron and the Helix line. They soon, with the popularity of these 2 distinct and original products, expanded into many other types of smoking accessories.


The Helix Beaker Base water pipe is made of heavy, durable borosilicate. It has a 60mm wide base chamber for ample airflow. The Helix has a specialized Venturi chamber mouthpiece that features 3 air intake holes. The air intake holes spin the smoke which cools the smoke before being inhaled. The Helix is one of the first, if not the first, brand to innovate a technique for manufacturing a smoke-spinning chamber. There have been a few knock-off brands that have attempted to create a similar smoking experience but none have been as successful. They are usually made out of inferior materials and have less functionality. 


The Helix water pipe comes with a 14mm taster bowl and a showerhead diffused downstem. The 14mm taster is a small single draw snapper-sized bowl. It is ideal for packing and clearing the bowl in a single-use. That way fresh material can be packed for every individual user. The showerhead downstem can easily be removed for cleaning.



  • 14mm Taster Bowl
  • Showerhead Downstem
  • Single K-Clip



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