8" Vatra Drawstring Pouches


Accidents happen, and they're always when you least expect them. Let us paint you a picture. You have your glass pipe in your backpack, just in there loose with many other things. You are walking down the street minding your own business, then... bam! Out of nowhere, someone bumps into you, knocking the bag onto the ground. You quickly pick up the bag in hopes of no damage to the contents contained. But of course, the single thing that was broken is the only glass piece you brought out with you for the afternoon. That sort of thing can easily ruin your whole day.


Vatra pouches ensure that story will never happen to you! Slip your glass inside and pull the drawstring tight to surround your piece with massive amounts of padding that absorb the shock of drops and bumps so it doesn't crack, chip, or even shatter. This bag makes it a breeze to safely travel with your piece to your friend's house, on a camping trip, or just to keep it safe in your house when you aren't using it. Grab one of these bags today so you can always be ready for the next adventure.

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