16" Single Leaf Imprint Gandalf Wood Hand Pipe

Nirvana Pipe
16" in length. Has a wood head, an acrylic neck, a metal interior bowl, and an acrylic mouthpiece.

Transport to Middle-earth with our 16" Wood Gandalf Pipe, featuring a single leaf imprint evoking Tolkien's lore. Disassemble for easy cleaning with the included 3-in-1 tool. Crafter for both aesthetics and practicality, it promises a smooth smoke every time. Whether a Lord of the Rings enthusiast or a connoisseur of fine pipes, this Gandalf Pipe captivates with its elegance. Let it be your companion for leisurely moments on the porch, igniting imagination and adventure with each puff.




  • 16" Single Leaf Imprint Gandalf Wood Hand Pipe and 3 in 1 cleaning too (Reamer, Packer, and Poker)
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Barcode: 676758302828