14mm Multi-Faceted Funnel Water Pipe Bowl

This 14mm Multi-Faceted funnel-style water pipe bowl is made from borosilicate.


These thick multi-faceted funnel bowls are some of the most durable and affordable water pipe bowls you will ever buy. This is one of our favorite replacement bowls that we have available. Its funnel-shaped design allows for more materials to be packed compared to the generic bowls that typically come with water pipes. Do you hate how handles constantly break off of cheap funnel bowls? I know we do. The handle on this accessory is thick and sturdy, it will stand up to most daily abuse. Do yourself a favor and give it a try!


The Mushroom only carries products we believe in. This is why most of our glass is made of high-quality borosilicate, the most durable on the market. They won't break if you accidentally set them down too hard, or drop them on the carpet. Buying glass made from high-quality borosilicate is worth it!




  • 14mm Multi-Faceted Funnel Water Pipe Bowl
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