14mm Male 90° Quartz Terp Slurper 2mm Thick


Here is the terp slurper! This is a must-have for the connoisseur who wants the best quartz experience possible. Unlike regular glass, quartz can withstand high temperatures and frequent heating without cracking or breaking and retains heat for much longer, so you can take massive rips. Many concentrate connoisseurs will also tell you to choose quartz because it delivers the purest flavor, is easy to clean and maintain, and doesn't expand when heating which can damage your pipe!


This banger is designed to ensure that all your material is vaporized entirely and efficiently. Slits at the bottom of the dish allow air to flow in and push your melted concentrate back into the main chamber to be vaporized. This process creates the best flavor experience and vapor production out of any material or design!


We highly recommend picking up some terp pearls, terp pills, and a carb cap or glass ball to complement your new terp slurper, which you can find here for best results.

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