14" Horizontal Barrel Matrix & Honey Comb Perc Water Pipe

$99.99 $74.99

Standing 14" tall, this water pipe is smooth and reliable. The base chamber comes equipped with a matrix diffuser. The matrix diffuser is one of the most efficient and smooth style percolators. The many small slits and openings in the diffuser yield more smoke per volume of air in one inhalation. The is the benefit of maximum diffusion. It produces a steady and evenly distributed ingestion of smoke or vapor. 

The midsection has a honeycomb diffuser which even further breaks up the smoke particles as they flow through the water pipe. The top section has an ice catcher for those who like to drop in a few ice cubes to cool the smoke before inhalation. This piece is the perfect size for adding accessory pieces such as ash catcher or e-nails. 



  • 18mm Bowl
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