Puffco Peak Pro Travel Pack Black

This pack contains everything you could want to make using your Puffco Peak Pro even easier to use!

The Puffco Peak Pro Travel Pack is the perfect compliment for your Puffco Peak Pro Vaporizer. The pack includes one of each of the following:


  • Oculus Carb Cap to give you perfect airflow and see into the chamber even while in use
  • Backpack to make sure your dab tool and cotton swabs are always close by
  • Mouthpiece to prevent splashback and provide a more comfortable angle while inhaling
  • Chamber Jacket & Tether to keep your Oculus carb cap securely in place
  • Chamber Jacket to allow for the use of a different carb cap


All of these items are made from 100% FDA approved silicone and are dishwasher safe, Peak Pro not included.


Also available in red!

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Barcode: 810028441354