GRAV 7" Helix Multi Kit

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GRAV Labs Helix Mouthpiece with Dry Herb Bowl, Hammer Bubbler, and Nectar Collector attachments. The perfect portable option no matter how you choose to smoke.

The GRAV Helix Multi Kit is for you however you smoke. The Helix design has been popular for years because of its ability to spin and cool the smoke leading to a more enjoyable and visually appealing smoking experience. The modular design of this kit brings the Helix functionality to you however you choose to enjoy your smokables. Along with the mouthpiece, you get a dry herb bowl, a bubbler attachment, and a nectar collector nail so you can smoke dry herbs or concentrates. All of this flexibility along with the GRAV Labs' craftsmanship adds up to a smoking experience that can not be beat.


Package includes

  • Helix detachable mouthpiece
  • Dry herb bowl attachment
  • Hammer bubbler attachment
  • Quartz nail attachment
  • Stability clip
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Barcode: 011711331468