Godzilla - Gojira Japanese Poster 24"x36"

Snag this reproduction of the original Japanese Godzilla/Gojira poster! 24" x 36"

This 24" x 36" poster is a reproduction of the original Japanese movie poster. Godzilla is an anglicized translation of the Japanese word Gojira. The name stems from the Japanese Word for gorilla and the Japanese word for whale. 


Godzilla is a classic monster movie known around the world. The plot of the movie is about a fire-breathing monster that terrorizes Japan after an atomic bomb awakens it from its centuries-old sleep. Many sequels and mash-up movies have been made with this beast, known as the "King of Monsters". The director of the movie has stated that Godzilla was created as a metaphor for the American obsession with atomic bombs and nuclear weapons.  

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