The Heat Is Here

The Heat Is Here

New Orleans may be sweltering, but our 3,000-square-foot emporium has exactly what you need to cool off.

It’s August, which is officially the worst time of the year in New Orleans, the time when only the most hardcore locals remain in town to brave the wrath of hurricane season, the nadir of tourist season—which brings the stream of service industry revenue to a trickle—and the relentless, hot, hot heat. While our hearts go out to Europeans affected by a deadly heat wave, at least they know it won’t be this hot come October. Here in New Orleans? Some years we don’t see our first cool front until close to Thanksgiving.

In the meantime, here are a few of our favorite tools for beating the heat.

A Cool Goblet

Mint juleps on the porch are a classic New Orleanian heat survival strategy, and though a highball glass is the traditional vessel for the refreshing, icy concoction, a chalice or goblet just looks cooler. And if something looks cool, you feel cool, right? We’re not looking too deep into it, but a mint julep (or iced white wine, or even a cherry Coke) will cool you off even better when you drink it out of a unicorn chalice. These are just facts.


Get that sweaty mess of hair off your neck and feel every tiny breeze with a scrunchie. Got short hair? Scrunchies double as ties so you can convert any long T-shirt into a crop top. You can even use one to create heatless curls by strategically wrapping your hair through it, a la TikTok—and fewer blow-dryers and hot rollers means an objectively cooler house.

Blacklight Posters

The sun is man’s oldest enemy. Fight its endless onslaught by closing your blackout shades and turning on your blacklight. Take advantage of its rays by hanging UV responsive posters, like this Buddha with a boombox. The thermostat may not budge, but we promise your room will have chill vibes, and that’s what really matters.

Board and Card Games

Half of the frustration from the heat comes from being trapped inside for months on end. It’s just too hot to go outside for any reason other than the most essential trips, and even those involve little more than scurrying from air-conditioned spot to air-conditioned spot while trying to avoid becoming the next heat death while trapped in a sweltering car. Solution? Board games. Don’t fight the heat, just hole up with some quality entertainment. We love Adult Charades. It’s exactly as raunchy as it sounds.

Tie-Dye Dresses

It’s too hot for clothes, but you can’t leave the house naked, so do the next best thing and opt for something loose and flowy, like this tie-dye dress. It’s flowing and breezy enough to just barely graze your sweaty, sweaty skin, and it’s definitely gender neutral. (Nobody should be denied the cooling embrace of a skirted garment).

Minty E-Juice

Savor the cooling sensation of Baton Vapor Iced Watermelon Limeade and find out why it’s a perennial staff favorite here. The menthol flavor is basically a lung mint.

Counting the days till October? So are we! Come on by and soak up the A.C. We’re here every day from 10 a.m. til midnight, and it’s worth the trip!

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