Slowdive - Souvlaki


One of the most influential and critically-acclaimed shoegaze albums of all time, “Souvlaki,” helped pioneer and popularize the genre. If smoking a cigarette in a pillowy bed while longing for a lover you never had was an album, it would be “Souvlaki.” It’s as self-indulgent and meandering as you’d expect, giving plenty of room for the band to work the many pedals in their arsenal. It is the band’s most defining record and one of its most significant to the larger indie canon inspiring multiple generations from Deafheaven to Beach House to Tame Impala.



  1. Alison
  2. Machine Gun
  3. 40 Days
  4. Sing
  5. Here She Comes
  6. Souvlaki Space Station
  7. When the Sun Hits
  8. Altogether
  9. Melon Yellow
  10. Dagger
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Barcode: 8713748982256