Slayer - Haunting the Chapel


The EP falling between the band’s debut and sophomore records teased metal fans with what was to come priming them for more hellish and dark themes to come. “Chemical Warfare” is the standout track from the project, featuring pounding drums and soaring guitars. It’s thrash at its purest and Slayer at their rawest.



The harbingers of satan, doom calling the end of all before the might of hell itself, Slayer built an empire in thrash metal only to be equal to Metallica, Megadeth and Anthrax. The California band was able to make cross-appeal among punk and hip-hop fans as well as get metal heads into the aforementioned genres with their covers and style. Their influence also helped create extreme metal genres like death, black and grind. Beyond all of that, they’ve risen to the mainstream with the constant controversy stirred by their “Don’t give a f*ck” attitude.



  1. Chemical Warfare
  2. Haunting the Chapel
  3. Captor of Sin
  4. Aggressive Perfector
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