Scorch Torch ST-61317 Silver

Scorch Torch
-Single jet flame -Size: 7"

The Scorch Torch ST-61317 is a powerful jet flame torch lighter. It is refillable and runs on butane. The ST-61317 produces a strong adjustable flame and the piezo ignition is safe and easy to use. To ignite, be sure the fuel gauge is to the desired strength and click the red button on the back of the torch. There is a child safety lock on the side so be sure that is opened! Great for on-the-go use, in the kitchen, or for outdoor adventures.


Scorch Torch is a popular manufacturer of reliable lighters for the modern world. They use high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting use. Scorch Torch lighters feature piezo ignition, which is not only easy-to-use and convenient, it is safer. Whether you are kicking back at home with a cigar or seeking a durable lighter to tag along on your next camping trip, they have you covered on all of your lighter needs. 


*Disclaimer: does not come filled with butane

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