Ramones - End of the Century


Who would have thought a Ramones album with a cover like this would be bad? The Ramones had been steadily softening their sound throughout their discography. On their fifth studio album, “End of the Century,” they officially went to the complete opposite side of the spectrum. Working with producer Phil Spector, one of the most influential producers of 20th-century pop, the Ramones were closer to their influences than ever in terms of sound. Sounding more like a Beatles clone than a punk record, “End of the Century” is one of the band’s more controversial early albums. It’s a ‘60s rock & roll nostalgia-fest through and through, with tracks like “Do You Remember Rock ‘n’ Rock Radio?” and “Rock ‘n’ Roll High School” cementing its position. Although the album did give us the hilarious “Baby, Love You.”



“Hey! Ho! Let’s Go!” A short chorus that would come to embody the Ramones and punk for decades to come. It’s in the band’s simplicity that they found their success. A few chords and some attitude were all it took for them to breathe life into rock & roll’s spirit. And although the band never saw great commercial success in their heyday, they did have massive influence and critical acclaim. They made the most out of what they had. If they could do it, you could do it too, inspiring bands like Bad Brains, Black Flag, Green Day and Soundgarden into existence. Flirting with dark ideas for the time like drugs, addiction and even Nazi brutalism, the Ramones were edgy but their DIY spirit and signature sound made them into enduring punk icons.




  1. Do You Remember Rock 'N' Roll Radio?
  2. I'm Affected
  3. Danny Says
  4. Chinese Rock
  5. The Return of Jackie and Judy
  6. Let's Go
  7. Baby, I Love You
  8. I Can't Make It on Time
  9. This Ain't Havana
  10. Rock 'N' Roll High School
  11. All the Way
  12. High Risk Insurance
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