Portishead - Portishead


The self-titled sophomore album, Portishead returned in 1997 with a harsher, more unsettling version of their sound. Lyrically, the album is frank in its delivery, addressing fundamental Western institutions like capitalism and Christianity. It did fairly well in the UK, especially with its singles “All Mine,” “Over” and “Only You,” but only saw critical success in the US, receiving highly positive reviews from the LA Times, Pitchfork and Spin.



Portishead pioneered trip-hop but the moody indie band did more than just fuse genres. Their seminal debut “Dummy” represented the British indie counter to America’s steering of the alternative genre to Green Day and Nirvana. Portishead opened the door for the popularity of shoegaze, brit-pop and varieties of electronic music.



  1. Cowboys
  2. All Mine
  3. Undenied
  4. Half Day Closing
  5. Over
  6. Humming
  7. Mourning Air
  8. Seven Months
  9. Only You
  10. Elysium
  11. Western Eyes
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