Portishead - Glory Times


“Glory Times” is a B-sides sort of compilation album following Portishead’s seminal release “Dummy.” It features some more hip-hop than indie versions of hit singles “Glory Box” and “Sour Times.” It also features some tracks from their short film “To Kill a Dead Man.”



Portishead pioneered trip-hop but the moody indie band did more than just fuse genres. Their seminal debut “Dummy” represented the British indie counter to America’s steering of the alternative genre to Green Day and Nirvana. Portishead opened the door for the popularity of shoegaze, brit-pop and varieties of electronic music.



  1. Sour Sour Times
  2. Lot More
  3. Sheared Times
  4. Airbus Reconstruction
  5. Theme from to Kill a Dead Man
  6. Glory Box (Edit)
  7. Glory Box (Mudflap Mix)
  8. Scorn
  9. Sheared Box
  10. Toy Box
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