Ozzy Osbourne - Bark at the Moon (CD)


Following the death of Randy Rhoads in a freak plane stunt, Ozzy Osbourne needed a new guitarist to pick up the mantle, which would become a tradition for the band. Musicians would come and go from Osbourne’s project, with many using it to launch their careers, while others would be screwed by the prince of darkness himself and his clever, villainous manager Sharon. The former would be the fate of the primary guitarist for “Bark At The Moon,” Jake E. Lee. After the album was written and recorded, Sharon cheated Lee to sign away his credits, forever staining the album’s legacy. Despite the unethical business behind the album, it would spawn setlist staples such as title track “Bark at the Moon,” “Rock ‘n’ Roll Rebel” and “So Tired.”



Being the face of one of the most influential metal bands ever, Ozzy Osbourne earned his place as the Prince of Darkness. But like a true anti-hero, he succumbed to his weaknesses before rising again. Partnering with legendary guitarist Randy Rhoads and led thoughtfully by the future manager and wife Sharon Arden, Osbourne was able to not only continue his career but become the most celebrated figure in all of metal.




  1. Bark at the Moon
  2. You're No Different
  3. Now You See It (Now You Don't)
  4. Rock 'N' Roll Rebel
  5. Centre of Eternity
  6. So Tired
  7. Slow Down
  8. Waiting for Darkness
  9. Spiders
  10. One Up the B-Side
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