Michael Jackson - Off the Wall (Picture Disc) (LP)

Picture Disc

Michael Jackson’s coming-of-age album “Off The Wall” released when he was only 21. Until this point, he was remembered as the little boy at the front of the Jackson 5, but this was his chance to reintroduce himself. Although it seems like fate in hindsight, the album proved Jackson’s perfectionism came from hard work and not just sheer talent, with painful attention to detail to each note he sane. The top song of the album, “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough,” was written by Jackson and introduced him as the suave R&B turned pop star we know today. The other top track, “Rock On,” was written by Rod Temperton. Still, the credits on this album, such as Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney, show that his talent was more than appreciated by the industry even this early in his career.



Elvis, The Beatles, Bowie; these greats all stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the true king of pop, Michael Jackson. Regarded as one of the most influential figures in modern music, Jackson is the best-selling artist in music history, capturing the hearts of multiple generations with smooth moves, infectious hooks and sheer charisma. He’s one of those rare individuals who’s a perfectionist but can actually pull off perfection, having released some of the best songs of the 20th century. On top of his rare abilities, his show-biz upbringing made him a perfect storm of a pop star. Still, it also profoundly traumatized the singer into Peter Pan syndrome and extreme plastic surgery, literally naming his estate “Neverland,” where he did terrible things and ultimately tarnished his legacy.




  1. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
  2. Rock with You
  3. Working Day and Night
  4. Get on the Floor
  5. Off the Wall
  6. Girlfriend
  7. She's Out of My Life
  8. I Can't Help It
  9. It's the Falling in Love
  10. Burn This Disco Out


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