Medicali Banger Hanger Rig

$349.99 $262.49
This 10" Medicali banger hanger water pipe is made in California out of borosilicate glass.

This Medicali banger hanger rig has a stemless 10-slit showerhead diffuser ensuring extra filtration for an amazingly smooth hit. Sitting at 10" tall it has a sturdy base to prevent accidents, a bent neck mouthpiece for an easier hit, and a 14mm branded quartz banger. This rig also features a reclaim catch to minimize waste and keep your piece cleaner for longer. For best results, we recommend filling this piece with about 2" of water to prevent splashback and achieve the smoothest hit possible. 


Medicali is a well known and loved premium glass company based in Gardena, CA. They are experts at creating durable and affordable scientific glass pieces with convenient sizes and powerful percs. Medicali’s pieces are set at incredible prices, allowing people of all budgets to experience their magic without breaking the bank. Unlike other companies, Medicali’s entire line of glass smokeware is made entirely in the United States from high-quality borosilicate by trained professionals. They also manufacture a wide variety of accessories including grinders, ash catchers, and so much more to satisfy all your smoking needs! 

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