Medicali 9mm 10" Hulk Rig

$324.99 $243.74
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This water pipe is the perfect balance of function, price, and durability. 


Standing 10" tall, with a broad beaker-style base, it is doubtful you will ever know this piece over. In the unlikely event that you do have an accident, you can rest easy knowing that Medicali uses 9mm by 50mm Schott Boro Artistic Glass to make this rig as strong as possible.


Featuring an elegantly minimalistic design, the Medicali Hulk Rig produces massive and smooth hits without needing to deal with any hard-to-clean parts. Your smoke travels through the included Medicali Showerhead Downstem, where slits in the bottom break it into mesmerizing bubbles, filtering out debris and cooling your hit. For best results, we recommend filling this piece with about 2" of water to prevent splashback and achieve the smoothest hit possible.




  • Medicali 9mm 10" Hulk Rig
  • Medicali 4" Showerhead Downstem
  • Medicali 14mm Male Flat Top Banger
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