Leon Bridges - Good Thing


Leon Bridges’ second studio album, “Good Thing” saw the songwriter inject himself more into his work, fusing other musical influences and modern lyricism into his neo-soul sound. Some songs borrow more from contemporary pop artists like Pharrell Williams and Usher, while other tracks feel more like classic funk. But Leon always stays true to his roots, still crooning like an old-school R&B idol. The album's lyrics take a modern approach to subjects like love and sex, feeling gentle but blunter than the more radio-friendly soul of the ‘60s.



Among the artists responsible for the soul revival of the 2010s, Leon Bridges captured the nostalgia of greats like Aretha Franklin and Otis Redding better than anyone else. Seeking refuge in the likeness of Sam Cooke, Leon was able to find self-expression in vintage clothes and ‘60s R&B. He got his start playing dives and other small venues in Texas’s robust local circuit before being discovered by local garage band White Denim. Through the band’s hook-up, Leon recorded in professional studios and landed a spot on local radio, which caught the attention of labels across the country. Eventually sticking with Colombia, Leon’s rocket launch of a debut, “Coming Home” made him an industry darling overnight. He’d earn coveted touring spots with Pharrell Williams and Sharon Van Etten, as well as several blockbuster TV and movie appearances.



  1. Bet Ain't Worth the Hand
  2. Bad Bad News
  3. Shy
  4. Beyond
  5. Forgive You
  6. Lions
  7. If It Feels Good (Then It Must Be)
  8. You Don't Know
  9. Mrs.
  10. Georgia to Texas
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