Kendrick Lamar - Coast 2 Coast (CD)


The scam mixtapes Coast 2 Coast rip off some of the new famous artists to make a buck and in 2014, Kendrick Lamar was all the rage. This CD also features Natalac, Doc T, Pacman, Genuwin, J. Dot, Ray Keller, Doc T, Teddy Smith and some new cuts from T. I., Andre 3000, Big Boi, and Ludacris.



Kendrick Lamar’s trajectory throughout the 2010s is one of the most fascinating of his generation. Being part of the XXL freshman class in 2011, Kendrick was little known outside the west coast. Separating himself from his contemporaries, Kendrick used jazz-esque arrangements and political lyrics that weren’t as cool at the time. His major-label debut was with “Good Kid, M.A.A.D City,” which was a bit more of an introspective, dark party album but was still rife with funky mixes and political messaging. It wasn’t until “To Pimp a Butterfly” in 2015 that Kendrick would fully come into his own. Leaning heavily into his unique qualities, he would realize the potential of jazz-rap with the help of funk master Thundercat and others. He also wielded bars like molotovs setting the world ablaze in the name of black nationalism. Kendrick stayed true to his vision, never compromising his art or principles and became the greatest of a generation.




  1. Intro
  2. Sorry
  3. The Jig Is Up
  4. Rumble Rumble
  5. Day Off
  6. I Be Rockin
  7. Do You Wanna
  8. I Know
  9. Surge 3:16
  10. In the a
  11. Got My Money Up
  12. Light
  13. Double Dutchin
  14. Oh My Bad
  15. That's Natalac
  16. Made It
  17. So High
  18. Create the Hate
  19. Megatron
  20. Fresh
  21. Money or Me
  22. All Out
  23. Fallen Three
  24. Gangsta SH!T
  25. Fans
  26. Amazing Grace
  27. Dna
  28. Rap Game


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