Japanese Breakfast - Sable (LP, OST)

The Original Soundtrack to a beautiful indie video game, this is some of Michelle Zauner's favorite pieces of her own work.

"Sable" is a non-linear open world indie game, with a loose narrative about coming of age and finding one's place in the world. The title and player character Sable is on a quest to find a mask for a coming of age ritual of her nomadic clan. The original soundtrack is by the band Japanese Breakfast, and fits beautifully with the art and curious puzzling world. Japanese Breakfast lead singer Michelle Zauner has talked about developing the soundtrack, working mostly with concept art and a few written descriptions of settings. She has said that "Better the Mask", one of the crowning jewels of the soundtrack, is her favorite piece she's made to date. 


Japanese Breakfast, an American indie band, is led by Michelle Zauner, who is also the main singer and song writer. Their first project "June" was released on social media site Tumblr, in 2013. In 2014 Zauner returned to her childhood home to be the caretaker for her dying mother. She wrote songs about the experience to cope with the stress, burnout, and eventual grief when her mom died. These songs would later make their way into Japanese Breakfast's debut studio album "Psychopomp" released in 2016. All of Japanese Breakfast's studio albums have been released in LP, Cassette, CD, and digital formats. The band's sound has been described as shoegaze, indie pop, and dream pop. 





  1. Main Menu
  2. Glider (From Sable Original Video Game Soundtrack)




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