Harry Styles - Fine Line


Harry Styles tries his hand in a more futuristic pop-rock record inspired by rock stars of the 70s like David Bowie and Van Morrison. All about “having sex and feeling sad,” the album jumps from fast danceable tracks like “Golden” to the mellow foot-tapping rhythm of “Watermelon Sugar” to the introspective piano ballad of “Falling.” Many songs are allegedly written about French model Camille Rowe, Harry’s ex. 


Pop-star rising from boyband One Direction, Harry Styles, has been compared to Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake in terms of his modern importance as a teen idol. Pulling influences from David Bowie and Fleetwood Mac, Harry has set himself apart from his boyband past by reprising the rockstar title for the modern age. His song “Sign of the Times,” released in 2017, made it on to Rollings Stone’s best 500 songs of all times list and has become a regular stay in the Billboard top 100 with songs like “Watermelon Sugar,” “Adore You” and “As It Was.”


  1. Golden
  2. Watermelon Sugar
  3. Adore You
  4. Lights Up
  5. Cherry
  6. Falling
  7. To Be So Lonely
  8. She
  9. Sunflower, Vol. 6
  10. Canyon Moon
  11. Treat People with Kindness
  12. Fine Line
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