Freddie Gibbs - Pinata


Freddie Gibbs' first collab with producer Madlib bust opens with a declaration, “They’re supplying dope to the Black and Mexican communities,” before another voice monologues on “only the strong survive,” establishing the central theme of this album. It’s a Blaxploitation jungle out here and Darwinism rules supreme. Between this track and “Scarface,” it’s one of the tightest album openers introducing an even better record. Met with widespread critical acclaim, cited as hardcore hip-hop reminiscent of Raekwon and RZA while still being modern enough for fans of Odd Future and Mobb Deep. The record also features modern greats like Danny Brown, Domo, Earl Sweatshirt and Ab-Soul.



Hip-hop in the 2010s was defined by rap going pop, inspiring an unprecedented renaissance in the genre. But lost in the evolution was authentic, lyrical gangster rap. Freddie Gibbs is just that. Coming from Gary, Indiana, Freddie knows the trenches. Regularly rated high on murder charts, the Steel City is best known for its massive abandoned steel mills and where the Jackson five originated before the white flight pulled the plug on the community. He lived a hard life getting out on a football scholarship to Ball State before dropping out, joined and was kicked out of the military, couldn’t hold down a day job and landed in a trap selling crack and pimping. But with his talent for rapping, he turned his misfortune into a way out. XXL would help launch him by including him on their 2010 Freshman list alongside Wiz Khalifa, J. Cole and Big Sean. He would find critical and commercial success as a master of flows, modernizing gangster rap for a new generation.



  1. Supplier
  2. Scarface
  3. Deeper
  4. High Ft. Danny Brown
  5. Harolds
  6. Bomb Ft. Raekwon
  7. Shitsville
  8. Thuggin
  9. Real
  10. Uno
  11. Robes Ft. Domo Genesis & Earl Sweatshirt
  12. Broken Ft. Scarface
  13. Lakers Ft. Ab-Soul & Polyester the Saint
  14. Knicks
  15. Shame Ft. BJ the Chicago Kid
  16. Watts Ft. Big Time Watts
  17. Piata Ft. Domo Genesis, G-Wiz, Casey Veggies, Sulaiman, Meechy Darko, & Mac Miller
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Barcode: 989327004116