Eyehategod - A History of Nomadic Behavior


EHG’s pandemic era album captures the band's societal frustrations with anti-vaxxers, ignorance and the political divide in America. Their cleanest release to date highlights lead vocalist Mike IX Williams’ voice more clearly than ever before. It partly reflects Mike’s newfound sobriety, shifting the band from a nihilistic “live fast, die young” mentality to something more sustainable for its remaining two original members. Critics have noted the LP’s tameness and loss of punk edge the band owes their careers. But if this is the formal attire version of EHG, then their suits are covered in mud as they try to stop the world from bleeding out around them.



One of New Orleans’ biggest bands, EYEHATEGOD (EHG) rose from the filth of the nation’s toilet bowl to deliver walls of slimy guitars and tortured vocals to the world. They formed in the late 1980s pulling influences from blues, hardcore punk, heavy metal, and doom to help pioneer sludge metal. Their style helped bridge the gap between hardcore DIY ethics and metal’s snarky nihilism. Lead vocalist Mike IX Williams has also become a living legend in the hardcore scene for his many antics with legacy acts like The Misfits, Bad Brains, Black Flag and others. A city surrounded by swamps and rising waters inspires a misery that only narcotics and crime can satiate. That is what EHG channeled in their music, surviving against all odds for over 30 years.



  1. Built Beneath The Lies
  2. The Outer Banks
  3. Fake What's Yours
  4. Three Black Eyes
  5. Current Situation
  6. High Risk Trigger
  7. Anemic Robotic
  8. The Day Felt Wrong
  9. The Trial Of Johnny Cancer
  10. Smoker's Piece
  11. Circle Of Nerves
  12. Every Thing, Every Day
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