Down - Down III: Over the Under


“Down III: Over and Under” is the final studio album from the New Orleans band. It followed two years after Hurricane Katrina and the murder of Phil Anselmo’s friend and band member Dimebag Darrell. The band was beaten, facing the back-half of their careers, so the album is full of anger and frustration with life and the world around them. It’s a surprisingly vulnerable album where the band steps down from their tough-guy persona to get real and address real sh*t.


New Orleans metal band, Down, features some of the biggest names in ‘90s metal pulling from groups like Pantera, Superjoint, Crowbar, EYEHATEGOD, Corrosion of Conformity and Goatwhore. Their sound takes inspiration from metal greats like Saint Vitus and Black Sabbath but incorporates more stoner metal inspired by the band's sludge and groove roots.



  1. Three Suns and One Star
  2. The Path
  3. N.O.D
  4. I Scream
  5. On March the Saints
  6. Never Try
  7. Mourn
  8. Beneath the Tides
  9. His Majesty the Desert
  10. Pillamyd
  11. In the Thrall of It All
  12. Nothing in Return (Walk Away)
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Barcode: 075597997002