Double Exposed Raven - Zippo Lighter

-Grey Dusk Finish -Lifetime Warranty

Ravens tend to have negative energy attached to them, and in many cultures, they are seen as omens of death and illness. However, in other cultures, they are seen are powerful animals that can connect you to other realms of reality. Allow this lighter to help you tap into the positive side of the shadows. 


Introduced in 1933, Zippos are known for their wind-proof design and sturdy exterior. They are made in the USA and have hundreds of designs to choose from. Each lighter has a distinctive pattern, bottom stamp signifying the year it was made, and they are all backed by Zippo's famous lifetime guarantee. All lighters are refillable and come packaged in a gift box. Zippo gained popularity during WWII, where the company manufactured its virtually indestructible lighters for the US military. After this period, they were known as an icon to the American people and a lighter you could trust regardless of what life throws at you. 

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Barcode: 041689122867