Curren$y - Cigarette Boats (LP)


Produced by Harry Fraud, “Cigarette Boats” is an EP by Curren$y that explores the hustler in the trenches and when they get out. Some argue that Curren$y’s style was getting stale by this point, but “Cigarette Boats” still does the highly-lyrical stoner rap well.



A New Orleans legend, Curren$y is not only an important figure locally as he, with Wiz Khalifa, started the wave of stoner rap that would dominate hip-hop in the late ‘00s into the ‘10s. He began as a late signee to the historic New Orleans label Cash Money Records, working with Lil Wayne. But feeling that he didn’t fit in with the Cash Money style, Curren$y made his own label, Jet Life Records, that would become the second most influential New Orleans hip-hop label ever. But his legacy didn’t end there. He is still one of the hardest-working rappers in the local scene today, having produced dozens upon dozens of projects within the last decade.




  1. Leaving the Dock
  2. WOH (featuring Styles P)
  3. Biscayne Bay
  4. Mirrors (featuring Smoke DZA)
  5. Sixty-Seven Turbo Jet


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